Poetry Drop Day!

Yesterday, my poem Taking, Keeping went live over at Apparition Lit! I suppose technically it went live to subscribers back on the 15th, but I’m terrible at updates and anyway it’s now available to all online.

I talk a bit about the process in the author spotlight section after the poem (it’s funny, I can usually read my own work without a problem once it’s published, but reading over interview questions and my own opinions? Maximum cringing), but a few brief notes:

This poem was written on very short notice. I first saw the call the day before it closed and tweeted about not having enough time to write something for it, but then I realised I had read the calendar wrong and had an extra day. Two days to create a new piece for a themed submission call, but fortunately one that was near and dear to my heart. I knew the basis of what I wanted to write– how stories and art are such an integral part of our cultures and identities. How powerful censorship is as a tool of colonialism and erasure. It took a few tries to get the shape of it right, but when it did, the writing became easy. It became a story I was eager, excited to tell, like I couldn’t wait to get the next word down. That’s how I knew I had hit the right vein. Those are the moments worth writing for.

I’m not entirely happy with it, of course. I never am. But instead of going into that, let me tell you about the absolutely fantastic team over at Apparition. From the very start, I’ve always felt that they were 100% behind me, supporting me and all the other writers in this issue with as much enthusiasm and excitement as I could ask for. Sometimes, I honestly felt like they believed in my piece more than I did. A good editor can make a story shine. A team of genuine, caring and enthusiastic editors can make an author positively glow.

So a thousand thanks to Clarke, Amy, Tacoma and Rebecca for all your hard work and everything you did to help Taking, Keeping see the light of day. It was an absolute pleasure working with y’all!