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Okay, um. So. Confession time.

One of the first things I thought when I signed the contract with FFO was that this was one of the pubs Charles Payseur covers in Quick Sips Reviews and that meant I was finally gonna get a QSR of something I wrote and it’s a little embarrassing how excited I was for that. Look, reviews generally aren’t that important to me but understand, I’ve read and respected Charles’ work for ages and yes I was going to hold onto this for a while, okay?

And then I found out the piece was the Honourable Mention for the Sip of the Week and really I’m just full of feelings and they’re all good and I’m just very chuffed right now.

You can read his full review over at Quick Sip Reviews. While you’re there, check out his Patreon. Charles does an incredible amount of work and offers intelligent, insightful reviews of more pieces that I can fathom reading in the time he does it. He’s truly a gift to the SFF community.

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